Because he’s the best, simple as that! Lucas is considered by most in the sport to be the best lightweight champion in BJJ history. He is the only person in his division to earn 4 World Championship titles in the gi. Currently, Lucas is a 7x World Champion (gi and no-gi), a 9x Pan Am Champion, and he has won many other major tournaments. Lucas is known worldwide for his precise style and highly detailed techniques. Most importantly, he is an amazing person, a role model for his students on and off the mats, and a fantastic instructor who actively trains and teaches every day alongside his students. The techniques you will learn are the product of many years of testing by Lucas, and he has proven that they work in the real world against even the most savvy competitors today.

Professor Lucas Lepri will be the one teaching all of the daily techniques. Unlike other jiu jitsu video libraries you may have seen, at Lepri BJJ Online you will be learning all of the details straight from the source. Any videos from other instructors that are posted will be accompanied by the daily technique video from Lucas himself.

Fundamentals, Intermediate, and Advanced level technique and drill videos will be posted daily. No matter your level of jiu jitsu, this program will improve your game and support your ongoing learning adventure.

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